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UPlift Rental Program


Caraden Management is proud to launch the UPlift Rental Program.

A first of its kind, the UPlift Rental Program aims to lower barriers to housing while protecting housing providers from many of the stresses that come with renting residential properties in Ontario. 

The program provides rental income insurance; offering piece of mind in the event of non-payment, eviction, or purposeful damage. 

With clear guidelines for application approval, you can be assured that you are covered BEFORE accepting a new tenant; minimizing risk and increasing the pool of tenants available. 

The UPlift rental program provides: 

Market rate full service property management - with the additional benefit of rent guarantee insurance provided at no cost to the property owner! 

Insurance premiums are paid for by Caraden Management. Our established relationships and increased purchasing power allows us to offer this invaluable service to our clients. 

Learn more about rent guarantee insurance by visiting our insurance partners, SingleKey and Tenantcube. 

Uplift Rental Program details

For the same price as typical Full-Service Property Management, you can get so much more. Caraden Management provides rent guarantee insurance to all approved UPlift participants. That means: 

  1. Up to $60,000 in annual rent guarantee payments in the event that your tenant stops paying rent. That's up to $5,000 a month in coverage; for up to 12 months. 

  2. $1,500 in legal fees paid to process an eviction; should it be required. 

  3. $10,000 in damages for any case where the tenant is found neglectful and has a judgement made against them. 

Insurance is underwritten and processed by a third party - fees are paid by Caraden Management. This is a value-added service provided by Caraden Management to help you, the property owner, reduce risk.


Reducing risk, without increasing cost

Call us today for your free 30-minute consultation to understand how the UPlift Rental Program can benefit your business.  





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